Projects 2015-2019

Regional Framework of Action for the Comprehensive Approach to the Crime of Trafficking in Persons in Central America.

Temporality: 2009 – 2013.
Supported by: Inter-American Development Bank.
Purpose: Contribute to the definition of regional standards, policies and processes to combat and prevent trafficking in persons and improve care for victims of crime, particularly women and minors of both sexes.
• National and regional guidelines for inter-institutional coordination to combat human trafficking.
• Strategy for comprehensive care for victims of human trafficking.
• Regional campaign for the prevention of human trafficking.
• Memorandum and annual operational program of the Regional Framework for Action for Combating, Prevention and Assistance to Victims of Trafficking in Persons.
• Formation of the Regional Coalition against Trafficking in Persons. (Currently the Regional Coalition is made up of representatives of National Commissions, Councils and Coalitions against Trafficking in Persons from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

Fighting bullying with mobile technology

Temporality: 2012
Supported by: International Plan.
Purpose: To develop a Bullyng prevention campaign, through telephone messages addressed to adolescents and young people raising awareness about their causes, manifestations and effects
• Active involvement of adolescents and youth Youth Participation Program promoted by ECPAT.
• Elaborated messages against homophobic bullyng.
• Transmission of messages through cell phones to 500 teenagers and young people.

Integral Paternity Project in Guatemala
The activities of which ECPAT / Guatemala reports in this report, are
conducted within the framework of the «Program P» Working with couples to prevent violence against pregnant women and promote men’s involvement in the pre-natal and post-partum period.

Temporality: 2012-2013
Supported by: PROMUNDO
• Design and implement a communication strategy to provide information on guidelines for responsible parenthood, aimed at young men, first-time parents and men close to becoming parents.
• Strengthen local organizations and national institutions to promote committed and comprehensive fatherhood with special emphasis on young men.

• The opinions and experiences of a group of Guatemalan indigenous youth on aspects related to parenthood are known.
• Adaptation of the MenCare Active Paternity Manual.
• Implemented a radio paternity campaign responsible for young people, first-time parents and men close to being parents.
• Design and reproduction of informative material on responsible parenthood.

Process of incidence, training and technical support to ten municipalities of the department of Huehuetenango on trafficking in persons for the purpose of forced labor and labor exploitation.

Temporality: 2013.
Supported by: ILO
Purpose: Develop a process of incidence, training and technical support to ten municipalities of the department of Huehuetenango on trafficking in persons for the purpose of forced labor and labor exploitation
• Implemented a process of training and accompaniment to 10 municipalities and incidence in two selected municipalities, on trafficking in persons for the purpose of forced labor and labor exploitation.

Containing the HIV Epidemic in Guatemala: Intensification of Prevention and Comprehensive Care Actions in vulnerable groups and priority areas in Guatemala.

Temporality: 2013
Supported by: HIVOS people unlimited
Purpose: Promote the appropriation by adolescents who are in conflict with the criminal law and / or protective measures on the need for the adoption of measures to prevent HIV-AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases to promote changes in behavior and risk practices.

Results: adolescents with information on HIV-AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and prevention measures.

Balance of the implementation of Anti-Trafficking policies in Bolivia, Colombia and Guatemala.

Temporality: 2016-2017-2018
Supported by: Global Alliance against Trafficking in Women. GAATW
Purpose: to analyze what is established in the Public Anti-trafficking Policies and \ or the national legislation on the matter and what has been done by public institutions with a legal mandate for the investigation, protection and attention to the victims of the crime of human trafficking.

• A document that accounts for the findings, conclusions and challenges.

Strengthening of institutional capacities for the prevention and combat of Trafficking in Persons for the purposes of sexual exploitation, labor exploitation and forced marriages in Guatemala.

Temporality: 2013 –